Atlanta senator: Fire DOE official who posted racially charged comments

UPDATE Tuesday morning: The GaDOE has fired Jeremy Spencer. Read the statement here.

In the state Senate this morning, Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta, urged School Superintendent Richard Woods to fire a key deputy who posted racially charged Facebook posts on his public page.

The AJC reported Monday about questionable posts on the Facebook page of Associate Superintendent Jeremy Spencer, who runs the Georgia Virtual School and is the brother of state Rep. Jason Spencer, R-Woodbine. A reader alerted the newspaper to the Facebook postings, which were visible to anyone on the social networking site.

Within 80 minutes of our request to Spencer for comment on the posts, the Facebook page was taken down. You can see some of the images here.

Calling the images and comments “vile and beyond the pale,” Sen. Fort said Spencer’s postings went beyond “a mistake in judgment.”

“The superintendent of the state Department of Education needs to fire Spencer today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. He needs to be gone as soon as possible…I guess you could say I am cynical, but I didn’t think I could be surprised by anything. But I am very surprised. Let’s get this chapter over quickly because it is hurtful, hurtful, hurtful. If this is extended for days or weeks or months, we are going to do great injury to this state.”

The AJC is attempting to reach Spencer who did not respond Monday.

Here are two of the postings referenced by Fort:




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This has to be a joke - I was expecting some serious and all I got was blather and PC BS.  I see much worse than this every day in the AJC and nobody gets fired for it.  






Did a parent or student complain, no.

Did he embezzle money or lie under oath, no.

This PC correctness has gotten way out of hand.

A reprimand, yes but to throw out free speech on your own time and forced to resign-NO.



One may be free to say what one wishes under the First Amendment, but  that does not mean that others are not free to react.


I'm sorry but how is this "hurtful, hurtful, hurtful"?

Was it upsetting? Yes.

Was it wrong? Yes. Was it immature and unprofessional? Of, course.

Did any children decide to drop out of school upon reading this blog? Doubtful.

When our leaders, and adults for that matter, go hysterical over social media, our kids lose. Our kids lack a role model in how to take actions.

Who thought that Ricahrd Wood was going to really allow this problem to continue for months and months and months?

Not I. Although he is a GOP party official, he really tries to stay out of politics. He recognizes that both political parties are killing our kids' education.


Thanks for rooting out this outrageous official. Of course he should have been fired. The continuing problem is that he actually felt comfortable airing his bigoted and crude opinions on Facebook. That indicates he feels his points-of-view would be well received by many…. unfortunately for the fate of our Georgia political scene...he was probably correct in that assumption.