Georgia PTA no longer on probation with National PTA

The Georgia PTA announced it is no longer on probation with National PTA.

A reform slate of candidates won election to the Georgia PTA board a few months ago, overcoming roadblocks erected by embattled leaders fighting to retain control. The first focus of the reform board  was rebuilding the organization, and it appears it is succeeding.

Things had gotten so bad last year that the National PTA imposed sanctions after a hostile takeover by a dissident faction in January almost brought the parent-powering volunteer organization to ruin. In a July letter, James L. Accomando, president of National PTA, warned the Georgia PTA board:

Georgia PTA’s reputation and credibility have been under attack for many months and, as a consequence, so has National PTA’s. The latest round of questions concerning the election process and the disqualification of candidates will do nothing to restore trust and credibility.

Indeed, National PTA fears the elections will further damage PTA’s name and be repudiated by Georgia PTA members. Any appearance of stifling a Georgia PTA member’s ability to run for officer positions or any perception of a closed or rigged process will further harm PTA at all levels. This is the time for flexibility, transparency, and member-responsiveness by the Georgia PTA board. National PTA strongly encourages Georgia PTA to identify ways to open the election process.

If Georgia PTA disregards our strong recommendation, National PTA expects disarray and parliamentary challenges at your CLT, legal ramifications, and the involvement of the Georgia Attorney General.

The National PTA Board of Directors is closely watching Georgia PTA’s actions and the harm being done to the PTA brand. Lack of action by the Georgia PTA board to open the election process and alleviate members’ concerns will be considered an affront to National PTA’s members who reside in Georgia, a demonstrable lack of care by the Georgia PTA for the PTA brand and a willful disregard for the reputation of PTA at all levels. The National PTA Board of Directors cannot allow the brand to be further tarnished and will take appropriate action.

Here is the statement to Georgia PTA members from the state executive committee announcing the end of probation:

2018 is here and it’s time for new beginnings. On March 29, 2017, Georgia PTA was put on probation due to actions that violated National PTA’s Standards of Affiliation. In September, National PTA, pleased with the progress Georgia PTA had made towards resolving those issues, updated our status to allow Georgia to participate in Reflections but left probation in place to provide additional support as the new leadership worked to get the Association back on track.

We are pleased to announce that on December 20, National PTA removed Georgia PTA from probation! Georgia PTA is now in good standing with National PTA’s Standards of Affiliation.

Two stipulations were stated that need to be addressed:

•Georgia PTA’s 2016-17 audit must be completed with verification submitted to National PTA no later than January 31, 2018. Verification will include a copy of the auditor’s management letter and any notations included in the audit.

Status update: Preliminary audit has been completed. Draft of auditor notes has been received and Georgia PTA is creating a new financial controls procedure document to incorporate auditor’s recommendations.

•Revised Georgia PTA Policies and Procedures must be submitted to National PTA no later than May 1, 2018. Policies must align with the hierarchy of governing documents.

Status update: Policies and Procedures have been updated and inconsistencies between P&P and Bylaws have been corrected. Section 13 has been removed in entirety. A new Conflict Resolution stand-alone document is being developed. Any and all policies that affect member procedures and rights will be removed and posted separately on the Georgia PTA website. Specifically, all information about elections will be in a stand alone document that will be posted and available for any member to see.

Additional news:

Executive Committee members have been meeting with school superintendents to rebuild communication and trust. We need the support of all our superintendents as we move forward rebuilding membership. We also need every PTA leader and member’s support. Our voice grows stronger with every member!

Thank you to all of you, our members, for your continued support. Georgia PTA is here for you. We will continue to work to make PTA relevant to every member and to be a voice for every child! Let’s finish the second half of the year strong!

Georgia PTA Executive Committee

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An American Patriot
An American Patriot

Gosh, I'm so happy :>) I think I'll go to the Waffle House and get some coffee, Large Order of Hashbrowns, SSC.  I couldn't care less and i'll bet most of the people reading this "Breaking News" couldn't either.  Georgia should dis-associate themselves from this group.


The National PTA leadership are puppets for the teachers' unions and their anti-choice agenda.

Ben Man-n
Ben Man-n

Any word on school closings Monday? What’s your guess assuming the weather won’t come until Monday morning as predicted? AJC Get Schooled

AJC  Get Schooled
AJC Get Schooled

My guess -- looking at weather now showing 42 degrees as the high Monday and 38 as the low - is that there will be school. It may be different in northern Ga. counties, but it seems it will be high enough temperatures in metro Atl. to hold school.

MaureenDowney moderator

I was 100 percent wrong on this -- everybody ended up closing starting at around 8 Sunday night,

An American Patriot
An American Patriot

Why, back in the old days, we went to school when it rained, snowed sleeted or hailed.  We walked, rode our bike, didn't have those stupid school buses that make students lazy and fat.  Our kids and parents are turning INTO those snowflakes they're trying to avoid.  This is how you get tough, builds your character and makes you more confident.  MAGA

Nichelle Young
Nichelle Young

No we aren't! However we are still being monitored and that is actually a good thing!